About Us

The competitiveness of an enterprise comes from its excellent products and services, which are enabled by talents human resources in each function of the company. We can either recruit talents externally or build up the talent pool internally. One of the best solutions is to develop our people on a long-term basis, which can increase talent engagement, elevate employee commitment, develop cross-functional skillset, and unlock employees’ potential capabilities.

To provide high-quality education and training services for the enterprises in Vietnam, UP Learning Consulting integrates international resources for talent development, such as subject matter experts, innovative learning theories, case study programs and practical workshops, which cover business management, practical operation, international business, multi-nation language learning, appreciation of culture and art and so on. Our mission is to offer you with a balanced approach to lifelong learning and help you develop multi-functional talents to meet the future business needs and challenges. We are certainly your best partner.

  Master Speech

Masters and subject-matter experts share their knowledge and experience. Their speeches bring you bright and delighted learning experience, shake your mind, empower you with fresh new insights and thoughts. All the enlightenment happens within a condensed timeframe of a speech.


  Enterprise Learning Map

Have you ever played the Monopoly Game? It is the most classic table board game. Through the Enterprise Learning Map (Like the Monopoly Game), we help you communicate your business vision, value, strategy, core concepts and/or code of behavior with your employees in an enjoyable way that also strongly enhances the learning memory and expression. The Enterprise Leaning Map, a game-like learning program, has been recently rated as a most powerful tool for business communication.

Want to establish a new company culture? Deliver new values? Change employees’ old behaviors? Let UP Learning Consulting draw an Enterprise Learning Map for you.

Moreover, some companies have used the Learning-Map method to tell customers and/or new employees their own company history and profile, including company values, achievements, milestones and so on, making their presentations more creative and vivid. Welcome to join them in using this practical solution to communicate whatever messages you want to convey.


  Harvard Case Study

Learning from real business cases help avoid unnecessary business mistakes, which have already have occurred at other companies. To get insight as to how some companies are able to sustain themselves in the extremely competitive business world these real case are conducted by the authorized Harvard Case Study Facilitators.


  Vietnam Training

In Vietnam, whether the individual wants the personal learning and exploration, or the enterprise needs the organizational development and employees’ training, “The Professionals” builds up a widespread, deep dived, multi-perspective inspiration and view for individual and company.



Included in our essential e-Learning programs are business operation, management, leadership, and multi-nation language courses, which you can conveniently access anytime and anywhere.


  Customized Learning Program

To begin with your business needs and objectives in mind, UP Learning Consulting collaborates with your company to identify your learning needs, assess your current capability, analyze the gaps in between your current capability and future objectives, and design the customized training plans, including action plans, following up plans and behavior enhancement programs. It is to ensure the learning results equal to or exceed your investment cost.