Enterprise Learning Map:A Modern Manufacturing: Eco System Upgrading

Posted by:info on 2016-12-16
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Enterprise Learning Map

The automation is talking now in everywhere, no factory can avoid this impact and change. Meanwhile, we also need to focus on the continuous improvement of managing people, machine, material and process, we call it as " Eco System Upgrading", it includes two main areas:

1. Human Resource, it is about people.
2. Lean Manufacturing, it is about machine, material and process.

It is a powerful tool to introduce Eco System Upgrading to the employees or customers through an Enterprise Learning Map.

The scenario below is the real training steps which support employees to understand what Eco System Upgrading is:

  1. More than 200 employees, 5 persons a desk, eask desk represent a company. An Enterprise Learning Map with accessaries are ready on the desk, game cards, game newspapers, game coins, roles cards.
  2. By PPT and Videos, the instructor presents the ways to play the Enterprise Learning Map, includes game rules, role plays and tips, such as how to play it with fun, how to enjoy the game and play.
  3. Scene 1:PPT and Videos. Automation is everywhere, the impact is huge, how to upgrade the people management spontaneously?
  4. Opportunities and Decision: The same amount of fund to each table. Each team should choose to invest on which areas, and the ratio. Eg, Production line upgrade, canteen, transportation, hygienic training, income and finance training, greened factory, upgrade the power system, prducing machines upgrade, buy new lands, producing data acuracy, HR system upgrade.
  5. Scene 2: The sense of labor rights and labors' advocacy is booming in Vietnam. Some empolyees and Trade Union suggest to build a swimming pool, because the weather is hot recently.
  6. Scene 3:The Vietnam Government published a new act, all companies should increase the medical insurance by this year, it also impacts to employees' net salary, we know that employees are very dissatisfied, there is a strong sign of something is going wrong, maybe  a strike is coming.
  7. To establish the concept and ideas of Eco System Upgrading by PPT.
  8. Scene 4: A new factory nearby us was just built up, they have recruited lots of employees recently. HR manager informed you, the resigning rate increased 20% last month, 70% of them went to the new factory.
  9. Scene 5: Your new machines are going to arrive the factory 6 months later, HR and Automation heads are planning the training and upgrading process. All the production line managers resist those trainings and changes, the reason is that will impact the efficiency and on time delivery.
  10. Scene 6:International Labour Organization visits your factory suddenly, they got the agreement from the government and your customer, they want to audit the status of labor right in your factory.
  11. Introduce the Roles and Responsibilities of each project owner, ways of communication and cooperation.
  12. Scene 7: Because the climate change, there has been no rain more than 6 months, people worry the abnormal situation, the frequency of suspending water has been increased 2000%.
  13. Scene 8: A new industrial zone is just launched, it needs huge numbers of employees, engineers and office staffs. Yours HR team already knows those new companies provide a highly attractive package to recruit your people.
  14. Scene 9: A factory 20km away from yours just shot down, which produced similar products, what is your actions?
  15. Introduce the practical solution and plan of the Eco System Upgrading, how does it influence the organization and benefit.
  16. Game result calculation and reward announcement.
  17. Learning sharing, reflection and action plans.

Eco System Upgrading