Enterprise Learning Map:Introduction: How to make an Enterprise Learning Map

Posted by:info on 2016-12-16
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With the combination of the company value, culture and business goal, UP LEARNING TEAM create an Enterprice Learning Map, for the business training, employees learning, internal communication or external marketing activities. For example, it is very effective for salesperson training or internal communication for internal campaign.

  1. Sign the contract.
  2. Set the goal of utilizing the Enterprise Learning Map within the company: What is the result the company wants?
  3. Targeted audience: Employees, customers or marketing tools?
  4. Tone and attribute: Decide it by the previous conditions.
  5. CIS: Define how further the map should integrate with company's CIS.
  6. What appropriate media do we need? Video, PPT, newspaper, APP...
  7. 20 working days: Draft of main sections.
  8. 30-45 working days: All drawings, texts and cards for all sections.
  9. 15 working days: Revising and polishing.
  10. Pilot run: First time.
  11. Pilot run: Second time.
  12. Mass producing.
  13. Project closing.