Enterprise Learning Map:An Example of Enterprise Learning Map

Posted by:info on 2016-12-15
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Enterprise Learning Map

Enterprise Learning Map provides a visualized, game-formed facilitation, to reinforce the learning concept and memory, which is an effective training tool for business training, education and communication, is also a powerful weapon for management in Vietnam.

The attachment is a draft of Enterprise Learning Map for United Power Consulting Company, the final version includes vidoes, PPT, newspapper (game), game cards, hint cards and game manuals. Those are confidential documents, it is prohibited to publish it here.

We got the authority to summarize and share what is the main content of their Enterprise Learning Map:

Ω For employees to learn in which stage of the company value stream, they can provide the business solutions to their customers, which places are the areas easily to occur problems and situations, how to solve it and make it become selling points.

Ω For salesperson, to introduce their customers, in which stage of business value stream, they can provide solutions, what is the potential problems and key business points.

Enterprise Learning Map Draft