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Have you ever played the Monopoly Game? It is the most classic table board game. Through the Enterprise Learning Map (Like the Monopoly Game), we help you communicate your business vision, value, strategy, core concepts and/or code of behavior with your employees in an enjoyable way that also strongly enhances the learning memory and expression. The Enterprise Leaning Map, a game-like learning program, has been recently rated as a most powerful tool for business communication.

Want to establish a new company culture? Deliver new values? Change employees’ old behaviors? Let UP Learning Consulting draw an Enterprise Learning Map for you.

Moreover, some companies have used the Learning-Map method to tell customers and/or new employees their own company history and profile, including company values, achievements, milestones and so on, making their presentations more creative and vivid. Welcome to join them in using this practical solution to communicate whatever messages you want to convey.